For more than 40 years, Kingscote Chemicals has been the principal supplier of water marking products to over 2000 municipal water utilities, industrial plants, and many other users who need to trace source and flow of fresh water, and storm and waste drainage. One of these products has gained the particular attention of many marina operators who have expressed growing concern over pollution caused when boaters fail to use designated pump-out facilities and dump their holding tanks directly into marina waters. As a result of this problem, “no discharge area” warnings have spread across the country and states have instituted various Marina Environmental Measures and Clean Marina Programs directed at their marina’s in response to various EPA warnings.

Realizing that enforcement is difficult for marina owners and operators, Kingscote Chemicals saw the environmental importance of HARBOR BOSUN™ tablets. When the tablets are flushed into the heads of boats that have entered harbor, they safely and quickly dissolve. If the holding tank is later illegally discharged, the vessel is surrounded by bright, biodegradable, fluorescent yellow/green color.


Harbor Bosun™ tablets are safe and effective and can enable Harbor Management Officials to control illegal discharge of raw sewage and enforce regulatory compliance of discharge laws. A “tabbing program” is a carefully developed plan of action, which addresses all aspects of this issue.

– Safe
– Non-Toxic
– Biodegradable
– NSF Certified

Head leak Detection | Step By Step Directions:

  1. Board the craft.
  2. Determine if the boat has a holding tank. In the unlikely event there is no holding tank, your only recourse is to seal the head.
  3. If the boat has a holding tank, deposit 2 tablets in each head. Use of protective gloves recommended.
  4. Allow 1-2 minutes for tablets to soften then have the boat owner/operator flush the heads
  5. Observe the surrounding water near discharge port.
    • If no dye appears, a closed properly operating system exists and there is no sewage being released into the harbor. Proceed with Step 6.
    • If the dye appears, in the surrounding water then the system is discharging into the harbor. Check all bypasses. Close as necessary to direct all flow to the holding tank. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.
    • If again dye released, the system should be sealed while the boat is in harbor.
  6. Inform the owner/operator that any discharges will be readily visible and that they may be held accountable
  7. Continue periodic observations. The dye will remain in the holding tank and will mark any discharges for up to 7 days.

Leak Detection Program Benefits

Implementation of a tabbing program is using Harbor Bosun™ water marking products will benefit the entire marina population.

  • Knowing raw sewage discharges are aggressively deterred will comfort swimmers
  • The local economy will benefit by attracting more recreational activity
  • Enforcement agencies will be better equipped to identify violators of the clean Water Act and other similar ordinances
  • Responsible boaters are clearly distinguished from violating boat operators.
  • Local pollution control agents will be able to concentrate on determining and correcting other sources of pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Harbor Bosun™ dye stain the head of the boat?

No. The tablet should be flushed immediately to avoid staining.

Is Harbor Bosun™ safe and biodegradable?

Yes. Harbor Bosun™ is biodegradable and safe for the environment. Harbor Bosun™ has been certified by NSF International to the ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use in drinking water.

Will the color dissipate?


Will boaters have a negative reaction?

Boaters that are concerned about clean water will support your efforts. In fact, the concerned boater will be as much an
enforcement tool as a subject to the process. The boater that gives you a negative reaction is the boater that is discharging.

You must approach the process as a way to help the boater help himself. If you and they are convinced that boats are not the source of the problems, then this is a way to prove your point. By implementing a Harbor Bosun™ tabbing program, you can assure the people in your area that the boats are not the problem. This will force them to concentrate their efforts on other areas of non-point source pollution.

How often do I need to place dye in the head?

Every time the boat leaves the marina or has the holding tank pumped.

What about live aboards?

The live aboard polices have to be determined for your location. Live aboards should be tabbed every week or so.

What about boats that do not have that much use?

If the boat is canvassed, then don’t worry about tabbing it. If the weekend is coming up and you know the boat owner will be in, you may wish to catch them and tab the boat when they show up.

How long will Harbor Bosun™ dye keep their color in the head of the boat?

Harbor Bosun™ is concentrated and should last 7 days.

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