HARBOR BOSUN™ water marking products by Kingscote Chemicals are NSF Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60. When used in a systematic program by public or private marina operators, these dyes clearly identify holding tank discharge violators to assist you in providing safe and clean harbor waters.

For more than 40 years, Kingscote Chemicals has been the principal supplier of water marking products to over 2000 municipal water utilities, industrial plants, and many other users who need to trace source and flow of fresh water, and storm and waste drainage. One of these products has gained the particular attention of many marina operators who have expressed growing concern over pollution caused when boaters fail to use designated pump-out facilities and dump their holding tanks directly into marina waters. As a result of this problem, “no discharge area” warnings have spread across the country and states have instituted various Marina Environmental Measures and Clean Marina Programs directed at their marina’s in response to various EPA warnings.

Realizing that enforcement is difficult for marina owners and operators, Kingscote Chemicals saw the environmental importance of HARBOR BOSUN™ tablets. When the tablets are flushed into the heads of boats that have entered harbor, they safely and quickly dissolve. If the holding tank is later illegally discharged, the vessel is surrounded by bright, biodegradable, fluorescent yellow/green color.

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